They Were Very Professional
May 7, 2018
Arrived On Time
May 7, 2018

I had received three estimates for this work and McGreesh was the lowest. I don’t normally have confidence in choosing the lowest bidder but McCreesh had good reviews and Kyle Walter seemed knowledgeble and confidant.

On 9/15/14 Kyle inspected the site and estimated the cost and gave me a proposal to remove a 90′ Tulip Poplar tree with a 5′ diameter trunk and a 65′ Ash tree with a 40″ diameter trunk.

He called me to schedule the work the day before work was to begin.

On Friday 10/10/14 Eight men arrived with several chain saws, a walk behind bobcat track loader and a large bobcat wheel loader and several trucks.

This was a difficult job as the Tulip Poplar was on a sloped side of the property and the Ash was at the rear property line of the property. Neither tree could be reached with a crane or a bucket truck so it was all hand work to climb, rig the limbs and tree sections and lower them down safely and then move them to the street for disposal.. By the end of the first day the trees were down.

The Monday rain postponed their return until Tuesday a smaller crew returned to remove & dispose of the trees and debris. They used the walk behind track loader whenever possible to minimize the damage to the lawn and only used the wheel loader when necessary to handle large sections of the trees.

McCreesh’s employees were all gentlemen and their foreman Victor was cooperative and always available when I had a question.

I was very impressed with how they worked and am very pleased with the work.