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May 11, 2019

After going through the trouble to have a tree removed, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to leave the stump sitting there. A few of the top reasons to remove stumps from your yard include:

  • They are Eyesores – No one likes gazing out into the yard and seeing old stumps dotting the landscape. They look even worse when weeds and other plants start growing on them, which inevitably happens over time.
  • They Take Up Valuable Space – Most people want the widest, clearest yards possible, and stumps really get in the way.
  • They are Hazardous – Some stumps are obvious, but others get camouflaged by grass, weeds and other plants and become tripping hazards. Nothing is worse than stubbing your toe on an old tree stump.

    Assessing a Tree Stump

    Some stumps are easier to remove than others and therefore different techniques can be applied. Being prepared ahead of time and knowing which techniques and methods to use for which type of job will make things much easier for you in the long run. For example, pine tree stumps tend to be easier to remove than stumps from deciduous trees. The roots of pine trees tend to be wide, flat and relatively shallow while deciduous tree stumps’ roots tend to be long and deep.

    What makes a stump easier to remove? Generally, the age and size of the tree are the best indicators of stump removal difficulty. Simply put, the older a stump is, the easier it is to remove. Likewise, small stumps are also easier to remove than large ones. Another good thing to keep in mind before choosing a stump removal method is to consider the total number of stumps that need to be removed. Do you really want to remove 100 stumps by hand? Or even 3? This guide will help you decide which stump removal techniques and methods are appropriate for you.

    Removing a Stump by Grinding it Away Yourself

    If removing a stump manually won’t work and you’d like to get rid of your stump (or stumps) quickly, you can always rent a grinder and grind the stump away yourself. These heavy-duty machines weigh around 1,000 pounds, and you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 to rent one for a single day. Therefore, it only makes financial sense to do the job yourself when there are several stumps to remove.

    In addition to the grinder, you will need a shovel, a mattock, a chainsaw and a rake.

    1. Use a shovel or mattock to clear rocks away from around the stump.
    2. Cut away as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw. Try to get it as level to the ground as possible.
    3. Using the hydraulic lever, raise the grinder wheel a couple of inches above the stump. After turning it on, lower it about 3 inches into the stump. Move it side to side with the lever.
    4. After grinding down to about 4 inches with the grinder wheel, move it forward. Repeat the process until the entire stump is at least 4 inches below ground.

    Keep in mind that a stump grinder is a dangerous piece of equipment and that you should always wear protective gear. Be especially diligent about wearing protective goggles or glasses because wood chips and other debris will fly everywhere. If you’ve never used a stump grinder before, it’s also a good idea to have someone at the rental place teach you how to use the machine before bringing it home or having it delivered.

    If you only have one or two stumps, a professional company will probably only charge around $100 to $200, so that might be the way to go under those circumstances. As an added bonus, many companies will haul away the stump too.


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